Stabroek Market

Growing up in Guyana and visiting Stabroek Market was like going to Disneyland for many. Stabroek Market is where the people come together to negotiate and share the beauty of the riches that this country is made up of. Stabroek market is a community place for every schoolgirl and schoolboy, woman, and man. Visitors and the people come together to share their experiences. For example, after school some of us couldn¹t wait to ride our bikes there and chat with our friends right in the market or outside of the market. I remember getting lost staring at the red Raleigh bicycle, or stopping to read a book, or just talking to every older person. Oh boy, the cloth department was something to watch. The smell of the fabric and the colors were the beginning of the International Rainbow. Guyana is a rich country full of everything you can imagine in the world. GoGuyana is the New Stabroek Market.

The smells of the various fish, like salt fish, bagamery, herring, and so many more fill the shops. The butcher shop with the cow hanging down, you only are watching at the eye of the cow still left open. The inside of the skin was so red like paint, the outside off-white. What art you might say! And oh, the fruits and vegetables! My favorite fruits were donges, and genape. During Christmas, the pepper pot and if you were not kosher, the garlic pork and the whole garlic fragrance was in the air, and boy, what a treat to experience here in Guyana. Everyone loves Stabroek market. This is the settlement of the Dutch coming together, mingling, having the most spectacular colors and brightness. Go Guyana marketplace is the Stabroek Market, Trader Joe¹s and Whole Food to many of you here. It is raw, organic, and most of all it is The World Community Working Together.

Today, we launch in the most spectacular place, Brooklyn, NYC, where all people are here to celebrate with Guyana Rum, Coconut Water, Sorrel, Ginger Beer, Cane Juice, Guava Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Mango Juice.